You Gotta Eat

What happens to you when you’re overdue for a meal? Honestly, for most of us this doesn’t happen very often. Most of us are quite food secure. Occasionally, however, we find ourselves in a situation where we missed a meal. Do you get a headache? Do you get weak or light-headed? Some people get nauseous. I’m usually ok, but I definitely get irritable. It’s rarely a good thing to go for extended periods of time without eating something healthy.

Often times there are strong parallels between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Spiritually speaking, Scripture is our food. Jesus said, “Man will not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” There are plenty of other Scriptures and proverbs that run in that vein of comparison. For the follower of Jesus, Scripture is a primary source of food. Psalm 1 compares the consistent reader of Scripture to a giant and mature tree planted beside streams of water. I remember a tree at The Elms golf course. I played hundreds of rounds of golf there in high school. At the bottom of the fourth hole on the third nine stood a giant tree in front of a pond. Being planted next to a water source and open wide to sunshine, this tree thrived. It was the picture of strength. I would love nothing more than to have a spiritual life that parallels that tree on the fourth hole.

Most people are starving, spiritually. Most people don’t read Scripture regularly. Sadly, there are entire church denominations that don’t even suggest to their members that regular Bible reading is important when, in fact, it’s beyond important, it’s vital. The Apostle Paul says it’s as important to our soul as milk is to a baby. One gospel reading per week on Sunday will strengthen your soul about as much as one bottle a week would help a baby grow. You need more than a church service.

If you realize you haven’t done a great job of feeding your soul, there’s a super easy solution! You’re on a computer with the internet right now, GO You’re probably going to want the NIV or the NLT translation if your a newbie. That’s the drop menu you see on the right. For the box on the left, type “Matthew 1”, “Mark 1”, “Luke 1”, or “John 1” for the teachings of Jesus. You can read whatever, but when God became flesh He made sure to teach us with simple and practical sentences. I appreciate that, so I suggest starting by studying Jesus in those four books! For your phone or tablet, you should download YouVersion. Search for this in your app store: “YouVersion”.

They also make a GREAT kids’ Bible app: “Bible for Kids”.


You can select a reading plan that looks interesting from the app. If you need help, shoot me an email.

You don’t have to eat until you puke! Take 10 minutes a day to start. If you can’t find that, loosen up your schedule. My guess is you find time to eat real food for more than 10 minutes a day.

Your soul is ingesting all kinds of garbage all day. There are plenty of negative forces out there. If you’re not reading Scripture regularly, do your soul a favor and start to strengthen it by regular Bible reading. 10 minutes a day for a few months and you’ll be well on your way to knowing the teachings of Jesus really well. You’ll be amazed at how that changes your outlook and your entire life!

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  1. Or maybe just keep reading these blogs; there might be a Bible verse or two the blogger uses that you can look at to get you reading the Bible.

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