At An Acceptable Time

But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord.
    At an acceptable time, O God,
    in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.
” – Psalm 69:13

In Psalm 69, David cried out to God with the specifics of his need. He made known to God his own shortcomings in the situation. He put his emotions to ink and paper and left nothing unsaid. He did not mask or airbrush his pure thoughts and feelings. He was especially frustrated by how he was treated by others. We can all do this. We all should do this on a daily basis.

In the midst of the raw emotion, David did something that demonstrated he operated on a different spiritual level. He had another gear. He said, “ an acceptable time, O God, … answer me...”. David laid it all out, but he surrendered it to God’s timing.

I’m good at unloading all my frustrations on God (and others). I’m NOT good at adding the “at an acceptable time” clause. I’m also not good at trusting and waiting. If it’s not done in my “acceptable time”, I’ll usually try to force it. That never goes well.

What if we would look to the prayers of the one God called, “a man after My own heart“, for guidance? I’m going to try to start adding that little phrase, “at an acceptable time“, into my prayers. I’m also going to try to start checking my own actions. Am I trying to force my own timetable when I should be waiting for God’s acceptable time?

Where are you trying to force your timing when you should be surrendering to God’s timing?

Enjoy the day!

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