What Is Holy Saturday?

What are you waiting for?

What Is Holy Saturday?

Holy Saturday gets lost in the Christian Holy Week. It’s the day between Good Friday’s remembrance of the Crucifixion and Easter’s celebration of the Resurrection. So, what is the significance of Holy Saturday?

Holy Saturday is important because it reminds us of the space in between. There are moments of pain and loss. There are moments of new beginnings. There are also those sacred spaces in life where seemingly nothing is happening.

The real story is that the followers of Jesus weren’t waiting on anything. They were surprised by the news of the Resurrection. They didn’t believe it at first. It was certainly nothing they were expecting. They were in a place of disappointment with God and life on that Saturday. God totally surprised them with Resurrection, but first, they had to sit for a bit in the space of uncertainty. They would soon be living the adventure of a lifetime, but they would have never believed such a thing on that Saturday. We spend a lot of time living Holy Saturday!

Holy Saturday is important because it is tempting to doubt God’s involvement in the space between death and new beginnings. We naturally start to believe God is done with our life, or happiness and joy are permanently out of reach.

After Sunday, they understood the cycle. The first Christians could have easily been called Resurrectionists. They looked to the Resurrection as the model for everything! They believed that death, waiting, and resurrection was the primary pattern of God’s activity. There are many other places in the scriptures with this same process. What’s essential for us is to know that Holy Saturday was intentional. Jesus could have simply never died; no Resurrection needed. He could have walked out of the tomb within minutes; immediately ending the suspense and doubt. Instead, there was a day of waiting. A day of questioning God. A day of defeat. There was a day in between. And then God brought new life.

That’s Holy Saturday. Can you connect this day of hope with spaces in your life? Those spaces are sacred, waiting for Resurrection!

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